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The Broan Promise:

Boan is a highly ethical company producing performance results validated by one of the most sophisticated and reliable ventilation test facilities in Asia.  It thoroughly tests our products to ensure that they consistently meet our specifications for air movement, sound, energy consumption, static pressure, and durability.

Broan performs high stress life tests on motors and moving parts to ensure that our standards are always met.  We test competitors` products under identical conditions to understand how their product claims match their actual performance.  This is another value Broan provides:  proven superior Broan performance and reliability.


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Address: Zone 6, Daxin Jituan, Chenjiang Town, Zhongkai High Technology District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, PR China

Service Hotline:4006-113-623
Fax: +86-0752-3125115
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