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Super-Energy Saving Duct Ventilators

DB-A010/A016 DB-B033/DB-B045


Super-Quiet Duct Ventilators

DP-A010/A015 B033/B045 C078 D095 E125 F160

significantly quiet operation: Quality acoustic insulation materials and optimized design of both blower and air channel reduce product noise to 16dB, 34% lower than that of older generation products at equal air capacity

1, Flexible application: To use the accessory filter box in combination with the DP series to create an efficient air cleaning system for residential or light commercial applications

2, Highest static pressure operating capability: Highly efficient motor and blower and optimized air channel easily accommodate long duct runs

3, Easy to install: The installation hardware on the housing provides installation options for either horizontal or vertical installation option depending on the application

4, Broad line for choice: Very broad line to address any application the range of models we now have covering virtually every application from 100 to 1,600 m3/h

Product Application

Demo Projects

The sea of Beidaihe Music Hall, in Qinghuangdao
Country Garden Headquarters (new)
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