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How to be a partner

1, Need to have certain economic strength of the company legal person.


2, The company to cooperate to implement company's marketing idea, take the company sold on the market of technical guidance.


3, In local market distribution over a building materials goods market operation experience, and in the area of customer has a good reputation.


4, Can provides local customer rapid and convenient services.


5, To meet the company sales in the region of planning.

6, Experienced industry inside the market has a good image, not an illegal sales action.


7, Can provide proof of identity and their main performance of the documents, legal person should have a complete business management qualification, including three certificates shine on, legal person id photocopy, and other documents.


8, Abide by the relevant state management laws, regulations, and may not have the illegal business behavior.


9, Has the good regional sales (engineering or retail network, and the mature market sales channel and the product sale personnel.


10, Agreed to accept our market supervision and according to my company the requirement for the terminal flow of the material.


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